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Types of Water Treatment Systems and How They Work

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The first and most common type of residential water treatment system is a water softener.  Water softeners are used primarily to remove water hardness which is the white build-up that you see on your dishes and plumbing fixtures.  Water softeners can also remove small amounts of clear iron, known as ferrous iron.

Hard water will in time clog the pipes in your home as well as clog your appliances.

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Water Test Kits


The 7000 is a high flow unit designed for large home and light commercial use.

Fleck 7000 SXT

The Logix is a top of the line smart water softener that memorizes and takes averages of your family's water usage optimizing regenerations saving you money on salt and water.


The Fleck 9100 water softener is a twin-water softener for large home and light commercial use.

Fleck 9100

The Fleck 5600 SXT is the premiere and electronic residential water softener from Fleck.

Fleck 5600SXT

The fleck 2510 water softener is the most well known and established water softener from Fleck.

Fleck 2510

The Fleck 5600 is an economical water softener, while it does not have all of the bells and whistles it is reliable.

Fleck 5600

The cabinet water softener is a single unit system that is great for small spaces.

Fleck Cabinet Water Softeners

The Fleck 9500 and 2850 are top of the line commercial water softeners that can handle very high flows.

Commercial Water Softeners

Our portable water softener is great for motor homes, boats, cabins, and very tight spaces.

Portable Water Softeners

Water Softener Parts

Water softener control valves, bypass, mineral tanks and salt tanks.


The Second type of system is an iron filter.  An iron filters primary job is to remove red iron (ferric iron), clear iron and most iron filters can remove manganes and hydrogen sulfide as well.  Hydrogen sulfide is present when your water smells like rotten eggs.

Terminator Iron Filter

Pyrolox Iron Filter

The third type of system and the most cost effective type of system, if you need a water softener and iron filter is the well water Eradicator.  The well water Eradicator is a water softener, purifier and iron filter in on unit.  Saving you money and space.  The well water Eradicator can remove red iron, clear iron, hardness, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, sediment, heavy medals, bacteria control, fungus control, and algae control all in one unit.

Well Water Eradicator

We now even offer a well water eradicator that can even remove tannins.

Tannin Eradicator

We also offer a city eradicator which removes hardness from the water as well as most of the chemicals that city add to your water such as chlorine.

City Eradicator

The fourth type of system is a reverse osmosis system.  A reverse osmosis improves the taste, color and odor of the water.  Bottled water is made with large reverse osmosis systems.  Reverse osmosis systems are the front runner in making your water taste the best.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The fifth type of system is a carbon filter.  Carbon filters are used to improve the taste, smell and color of the water.

Carbon Filters

The sixth type of system that we sell is a PH filter.  Our Calcite Ph filter raises the ph of acidic water.  Acidic water is a Ph of 6.5 or less.  If your water is acidic it can actually eat through your pipes and plumbing fixtures.

PH Filters

The seventh type of system we offer is a tannin filter.  Tannins are the break down of organics such as leaves that get into the water.  Tannins cause the water to look yellow a lot like tea.

Tannin Filter

The eighth type of system is a Ultra Violet light system. The Ultra Violet Light system, better known as UV, kills bacteria in the drinking water.

Sterilight Ultraviolet Light

The ninth type of system is a sediment filter. The sediment filter removes large sediment before gets in to your drinking water.  It is always a good idea to put a sediment filter in before any of our units, because it will prevent sediment getting into the systems and causing damage.

Sediment Filter

Inline filters are usually installed before water softeners and iron filters to remove iron or sediment.

Inline Fitlers

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Traditional Water Softeners

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Water softeners


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Iron Filters

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Water Softener Parts

Inline Filters

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Water Test Kits

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Commercial Water Softeners

Residential In-Line pH Neutralizing Filter


U.V. Disinfection Systems


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